Total Security Solutions that meet Your Company’s Security Needs

Many responsibilities come with being a business owner. One of the most important is the moral and legal obligation to see to the safety of workers, customers, and in some cases, even trespassers. This is especially the case if you run a high-target business, such as a bank. Gated communities and commercial office buildings also require unique solutions to allow tenants to come and go quickly and easily while restricting access to unauthorized persons.

The question many managers grapple with is how? How do you protect so many people with varying rights, privileges, and levels of authorized access? The simplified answer is a total security solution. 

shutterstock_158659055Access Control

One of the most common forms of security solutions we’re all familiar with is access control. These systems use specific data to automatically identify authorization and the level of access available to different persons. There are multiple identifying factors these systems can use, including the following:

  • Access codes
  • Cards
  • Smartphones
  • Biometrics

Monitored Systems

Most people are familiar with fire alarms. However, monitored systems are also useful for keeping an eye out for other dangerous activities, such as intrusions, water, and low temperatures. Monitored systems will trigger an alert to your security company, who will then radio emergency professionals on your behalf. Sometimes, as in the case of low-temperature warnings, the person notified may be a property manager.


Video Surveillance is such an integral part of security that many people are now using them at home. This is because whether at home or a place of business, video surveillance assists with the following:

  • Providing play-by-play re-enactment of what happened
  • Alerting your business to trespassers or any unauthorized activity
  • Providing information that could help to identify criminals, such as height, clothing, and facial features
  • Recording the license plate of vehicles

Locksmith Services

Sometimes your building is so expertly locked down that if you lose your access credentials, even you can’t get into certain areas. The same may be true of other authorized visitors. When this happens, you may need locksmith services to help you get in. Locksmith services are also essential for re-keying a building if the master key or a set of keys have turned up missing.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

The great thing about technology is the ability to do almost everything remotely in business, and security is no exception. By using cloud-based technology, you can access cameras and points of entry from anywhere in the world. Because of this, the security or administrative staff who monitors your access points internally don’t even need to be in the same building, state, or country.

Security Solutions for Your Business 

total security solutions

Are these security benefits that you would love to enjoy in your own business? Then contact us today to schedule your free quote. At Floyd Lock and Safe and our parent division Per Mar Security Services, we’re committed to protecting your home and business every second of every day. We look forward to working with you.