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Tips to Improve Your Home's Security | Floyd Total Security

Improve Your Home Security with These Tips

Change Your Locks

It is important to change your locks when you move into a new home. You never know who had previous access to the home before you moved in. You should also rekey your locks if you lose your keys. Floyd recommends replacing your locks with Medeco high-security locks for maximum home security.

Install an Alarm System

Home alarm systems are one of the best forms of home security.  Alarms are set up to immediately inform emergency officials and homeowners of potential intruders or even dangers. When you have a home security system, it immediately makes the burglar think twice before going in. Once they are in, they are usually scared off by loud sirens.

Keep your yard well maintained

When your yard is maintained it not only looks like someone lives there but gives burglars fewer places to hide. Keep the height of your bushes and shrubs around your home under  6ft. Along with keeping the bottoms trimmed so feet can be seen.

Don’t Leave Your Keys in an Obvious Spot

Don’t leave your keys in your mailbox, under the rug or under the rock next to the door.  Wrap your keys in foil and place it somewhere only select people to know.

Keep the Entries of Your Home Well Lit

Equip your doors with motion-activated lights. These lights not only light up an area so the burglar can be seen, but it will also startle the intruder. If you are not home, the lights will alert your neighbors that someone is around your home that isn’t expected to be there.

Install Deadbolt Locks on Exterior Doors

Deadbolt locks give you a second line of defense when it comes to keeping your doors secure. If you install a big enough strike plate, they can also prevent or slow the action of the door being kicked in as well.

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