Q: Does Your System Come with A Warranty?

A: Yes, all of our systems come with a 1-year warranty; covering parts and labor.

Q: How Do I Pay My Bill Online?

A: You can not pay your bill online at the moment. We're working on making this feature possible, please call 952-887-1142 to pay your bill over the phone.

Q: Where Can I Locate My Panel Manuals?

A: You can locate your panel manual at 

Q: Where Is My Panel Battery Located?

A: Depending on your system, your panel battery can be located in a few different places.

  • Alula: The panel batt is located inside the Connect+ HUB
  • Lynx Touch or Lyric: The battery will be inside the Keypad
  • DSC or Ademco Vista: The panel battery is normally located in a backroom, utility closest or basement inside a tan or silver square metal box. It will be a 12Volt battery.

Q: How Do I Power Down My System?

A: First you call our monitoring center and put your system on "test" so there is no chance of a false alarm You will have to remove the system from two power sources - the AC outlet the panel is plugged into and the panels backup battery. Simply unplug panel from the outlet and remove the leads or wires going to the back-up battery, if you do not feel comfortable powering down your system on your own feel free to give our monitoring station a call at 952-881-5625 and we'll be glad to help.

Q: What Should I Do If I Changed Phone Providers, And Do I Need A Landline For My System?

A: Please contact our monitoring center at 952-881-5625 and let us know that you're removing your landline, we'll be able to look up your system type and let you know if your system requires a landline or not.


Q: How Can I Cancel My Alarm Monitoring?

A: Please call 952-887-1163 or email the Cancel Service Request Form to to cancel your alarm monitoring. *Please note that we need at least a 30-day notice when canceling your service.

Q: How Do I Reset My Verbal Password Or False Alarm Code?

A: Please call our Monitoring center at 952-881-5625 and we can assist you in changing your false alarm code.

Q: What Should I Do in The Event of A False Alarm?

A: Call our monitoring center at 952-881-5625 as soon as possible so we don't send the police or fire department.

Q: Does Your System Support Emergency Duress or Distress Codes?

A: Yes it does, please call our data management department at 952-703-2580 to have a duress code programmed in your system.

Q: Can I Assign Multiple User Codes?

A: Yes you can. most of the time you can add them yourself from the keypad, but if you need assistance call our monitoring center at 952-881-5625.

Q: How Do I Add Or Delete A User Code?

A: It all depends on the panel type, please refer to your panel manual or call our monitoring center at 952-881-5625 for assistance.

Q: Can I Schedule Service Online?

A: Yes you can, please fill out the appointment form at

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