Are You Committing These Bad Security Habits?

Just having the necessary security equipment doesn’t mean your home is protected. You actually have to use the equipment for it to do it’s job. These common bad security habits can make your home more vulnerable.
Forgetting to arm your security system
Whether your in a rush to get out the door or have your hands full, forgetting to arm your security system is a very common mistake. One way to help combat that habit is to sign up for automation services with your security provider. Floyd Total Security uses Honeywell’s Total Connect app which allows you to arm and disarm your security from anywhere at anytime.

Forgetting to lock your entry doors

Leaving your entry doors unlocked is the easiest way for a burglar to get into your home. When a burglar goes to enter a home they try the entry doors first. Just by having those doors locked could deter an opportunist intruder.  If locking the door is something you forget often consider purchasing one of the latest smart locks on the market. These electronic locks  can be locked and unlocked from an app on your phone.

Hiding a spare key outside in a common place

Just because you think no one would suspect you hiding your key under the rock to the left of your front steps doesn’t me they won’t check around for that key. Do not give an intruder an easy way into your home. Check out the August Lock, it takes minimal time to install and you can give a virtual key to the person who needs to get into your home. For example; pet sitter, cleaner, or neighbor.