The Step by Step Guide to the Alula Connect+ Security System

When it comes to protecting your home, smart security systems are the new name of the game. But finding a system that incorporates a wide range of peripherals, an intuitive design, easy set-up, and remains discreet enough not to make your home seem like a maximum-security prison can be complicated. The Alula Connect+ Security System seeks to stymie that difficulty. It’s modern design and wireless set-up melds into the design of its home, whether it’s an apartment, a multi-floor house, or a business location.

The Alula Connect+ Security System

Built with state-of-the-art cellular and IP technologies, the Alula Connect+ Security System is a wireless security panel that serves as a central hub for home security and automation services. To ensure always-on protection, it comes with a secured Ethernet connection, and optional cellular and Wi-Fi cards that can be installed to serve as your primary communication channels or as backups. Its wireless design allows you to use your mobile device or peripheral arming stations to control the system so you can install the Alula Connect+ Security System in a convenient spot near the Internet and power outlets.

However, there’s more going on under the hood of this residential security system than simple wireless capabilities:

  • Backup battery and an optional Cellular module provide power and communication should you lose power or Internet
  • Easy installation process
  • Industry-leading wireless range
  • A mobile app lets customers control smart devices and set up smart automation
  • The smart system can control up 96 zones
  • Snap-in modules and easy syncing with existing residential security systems allow for intuitive customization
  • Up to 50 users can be allowed control of the system, perfect for business or commercial spaces.
  • Five-year warranty


If you’ve ever set-up your own Wi-Fi network, you should be able to handle the installation of the Connect+ by following some necessary set-up steps:

  1. Call our Central Station at 952-881-5625 to let us know you’re ready to install your equipment; we will put your system in test mode while you’re installing and verify everything is in working order when you’re done.
  2. Open the box and remove the items. Be sure all items ordered are located in the box.
  3. Follow the instructions provided to you by Floyd Total Security for a quick and easy install.
  4. Find a convenient location near a power outlet and network connection to situate your new Connect+.
  5. Mount the Alula Connect+ Security System to a wall using the mounting holes on the back cover (you will need to remove the backup battery to reveal one of the mounting holes) or slide it onto the tabletop base.
  6. Connect your Connect+ to the Internet directly to your router’s Ethernet port and make sure to put some space in between the panel and the router. A 6-foot cable is included for this purpose. If you’re utilizing the cellular communication option only, once your system is plugged in the cellular card will automatically generate a cellular signal.
  7. Plug in the power supply barrel into the power jack on the Connect+. It is not recommended you plug the device into an outlet that is controlled by a switch.
  8. Your sensors will be delivered pre-programmed and ready for installation.
  9. Place your sensors and peripherals in preferred locations around your home.
  10. Test the system to ensure everything is in working order by contacting our Central Station at 952-881-5625

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