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  • RE619 – Wireless, Battery Operated

    This device is perfect for detecting water on the floor and a separate high or low temp at a different level.

    Installation Guide

    24-Hour Protection

    Home Disaster Water/Freeze/Heat Detector (RE619)

  • RE605 – Wireless, Battery Operated

    Configurable settings to report either freeze or overheat warnings.  Reliable detection of extreme high or low temperatures over 100° or below 40° detection.

    Installation Guide

    24-Hour Protection

    Temperature Sensor (RE605)

  • RE618 – Wireless, Battery Operated

    Reliable flood detection.  Can transmit while floating.  This same device can be configured to report either freeze or overheat warnings.  Transmits actual temperature reading.  Customizable high and low temperature setting thresholds IP-67 waterproof

    Installation Guide

    24-Hour Protection

    Trident Flood & Temp Sensor (RE618)


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