Intelligent Security Solutions for the Smart Lifestyle

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Professionally Monitored Self-Installed DIY Security Systems

It only makes sense to buy security from a real security company. A retail store chain or a group of investors are only interested in volume. Your security is our only business! Floyd has been protecting homes and businesses for over 70 years.

Floyd Security provides professionally monitored self-installed security systems. We selected the Alula Connect+ Security System because it offers professional grade security at a price anyone can afford.

Easy to install, wireless and scaleable, the Connect+ is perfect for renters and robust enough for full home coverage. Add additional sensors and protection as you need it. Your Connect+ system will communicate to our central station via internet and/or cellular radio. When a device is activated, the control panel will alert our central station and your cell phone simultaneously - giving you the peace of mind of  knowing your home, family, and belongings will always be protected.

Connect+ Features:

  • Modern design, smart sensors

  • The touchpad can be wall mounted or comes equipped with a stand

  • Up to 96 sensors and 50 users

  • Fast internet communications

  • Secure cellular backup for dual path communication available

  • Control your system with your smartphone from anywhere

  • View real-time system and zone status

  • View history, receive notifications and alerts

  • Add high-quality WIFI Cameras

  • Watch live or streaming video

  • Push notifications for alarms and other system events.

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Indoor Mini Camera Nanomax Door Sensor Indoor Motion Detector Touchpad Flood/Temp Sensor Keyfob Nanomax Window Sensor Carbon Monoxide Detector Smoke Detector

Indoor Mini Camera

The indoor camera allows you to monitor your home and pets while you’re away. The camera can send you alerts when it detects motion.


Nanomax Door Sensor

The door sensor is easy to install and notifies the system when the door opens and closes.


Indoor Motion Detector

The motion sensor allows you to monitor movement in a certain room or hallway and send a signal when movement is detected.


The touchpad gives you the freedom to mount it on a wall or simply place it on your countertop.

Flood/Temp Sensor

The flood/temp sensor detects water leaks or flood conditions and can also be used to detect cold or hot temperatures extremes. 


The keyfob allows you to arm or disarm the system, it will also allow you to send a panic alarm if necessary.

Nanomax Window Sensor

The window sensor is also easy to install and lets you know if the window is opened or closed.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

The CO sensor detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and alerts our monitoring station.

*1 CO detector recommended per floor.



Smoke Detector

The smoke sensor detects smoke and alerts our monitoring station. 

*1 Smoke detector recommended per floor.


Simple as 1, 2, 3

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