Purchase and Monitoring Agreement

This agreement on July 17, 2018 by and between Floyd Total Security, Herein After Called Floyd and {{billing_first_name}}{{billing_last_name}} herein after called “subscriber” at [esiggravity formid=”9″ field_id=”24″ display=”value” ].

  1. Upon placing this order, subscriber, by means of credit card, will authorize payment to Floyd for the cost of the equipment as listed below in the amount  of {{order_total}} plus tax or fees. 
  2. Upon placing the order, subscriber, by means of credit card , agrees to authorize payment to Floyd for monitoring services in the amount of $32.95 per month billed quarterly in advance. The card will be charged for equipment when it is shipped, and two weeks after order is received by subscriber leaving time for installation.
  3. This agreement shall remain in effect for a period of 24 months from the date the system goes online. After that initial 24 month period, the system monitoring services will automatically renew, and payment continues, for consecutive monthly terms.
    1. To cancel monitoring services after the initial term, subscriber shall notify Floyd, in writing, at least 30 days prior desired expiration of monitoring service.
  4. Schedule of Equipment:
    1. DIY Starter Security Package
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    3. [esiggravity formid=”9″ field_id=”57″ display=”value” ]
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  5. Schedule of Monitoring Services
    1. Cellular Communication 
  6. Subscribers Responsibility
    1. Selection of system components: subscriber selected the extent of the protection and any other equipment to be installed at subscribers premise. Additional equipment and protective devices are available but not selected by the subscriber. The subscriber agrees that Floyd shall have no liability or obligation for the failure to provide any equipment or part of the system not listed in this agreement. 
    2. Subscriber agrees to provide Floyd current, and on a continuing basis, a list of names and phone numbers or persons authorized to enter subscribers premises and act as the subscribers” representative.
    3. Provide a continuous source of WIFI applicable for certain equipment
    4. Carefully and properly set system whether leaving or at home, and to test the system coverages and alarm signal transmission monthly.
    5. Turn off and remove any devices such as fans, ect that may affect space coverage and cause nuisance alarms.
    6. Contain all pets so they do not move in front of motions sensing devices as they may cause nuisance alarms
  7. Floyd’s Responsibility 
    1. To the best of Floyd’s ability and judgement; If Floyd receives a burglary, Hold up, fire, carbon monoxide or signal from any monitored device connected to the system, to call the subscriber or subscribers representative first. If unable to talk with subscriber or subscribers representative, subscriber authorizes Floyd to call local governmental agencies and dispatch authorities to subscribers premise. Floyd will notify a person from the list of people, provide by the subscriber, who have access to subscribers premises and notify them of the alarm received. 
  8. Charges
    1. increase in charges: current sales taxes, utility(cell phone) city taxes or fees are billed at the rates that are current when your system goes on line and becomes active. Subscriber acknowledges that should those charges increase, Floyd will immediately pass those charges on to the subscriber. Subscriber agrees to pay those increases. 
    2. After two years of services, excluding increases as stated in paragraph 12, Floyd may, at anytime increase the monthly service charge. In the event subscriber is not willing to pay those increases, subscriber may terminate this agreement after giving Floyd, in integrated agreement. This agreement is the entire agreement between Floyd and the subscriber. Neither party has made any claims or representations to other that are not in this agreement. 
    3. Changes: and changes to this agreement must be in writing and signed by Floyd and the subscriber. 
    4. Assignment of this agreement: This agreement is not assignable by you. This agreement or any portion thereof is assignable by Floyd
    5. Notice to subscribers: You acknowledge and accept the disclaimers and limitations of liability paragraphs within this agreement. You acknowledge that a copy of this agreement has been provided to you.
    6. Subscribers agree to the use of electronic signature

I agree with the terms of this agreement

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