How to Use Chime On Your Lynx Panel

Use chime to get notifications when someone enters or exits your home.

Honeywell panels offer a great feature called Chime. Chime can be toggled on and off depending on your lifestyle and the expectations of your security system. The chime feature notifies you when a protected door or window is opened while the panel is in disable mode.  In some panels, it will even tell you what zone where that fault was broken.

Using Your Chime Setting

First, the alarm control panel must be disarmed. Next, select the ‘Settings’ icon on the home screen of the touchscreen display. The panel will then display the settings screen. Touch the ‘On/Off’ icon next to the word ‘Chime’ to toggle between on or off. Make sure to press the ‘Save’ button to confirm your selection.

This video will give you a step by step walkthrough on how to toggle your chime to the setting that fits your lifestyle the best.

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