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How DIY Security Systems Save You Money | Floyd Total Security

How to Save Money with a DIY Home Security System

Your home is your sanctuary. It should offer you and your family protection and privacy. Yet, we know the world isn’t always as safe as we’d like it to be, and sometimes it takes more than sturdy doors and locking windows to keep potential bad actors at bay.

At the same time, both logistical and financial hurdles may preclude you from turning your home into a fortress. Depending on your specific needs, there may be a solution that bridges the gap between personal safety and financial security. If you’re comfortable with choosing individual components and installing them yourself, a DIY home security system is a potential solution for your needs.

Opt for a DIY Home Security System

DIY security systems offer plenty of benefits that make them a palatable alternative to professionally installed systems. By installing the system yourself, you’re able to choose which components are best for your family’s unique needs. This could save you money upfront, as you’re only purchasing the elements of the system you want instead of receiving a one-size-fits-all package that may include parts that don’t make sense for your home.

This level of customization also helps bulk up your system or slim it down as needed. Do you prefer a stout video monitoring system but want the arming device to maintain a simple user interface? By choosing to go the DIY route, you’ll be able to go any number of routes that bolster your home security system.

By choosing to install the system yourself, you can also save additional funds while still receiving some assistance from Floyd Total Security. Even with the self-install option, you’ll still receive support from us to help ensure your system is functioning according to its specifications.

Choose Your Monitoring System

When putting together your DIY home security package, the first thing you’ll need to decide on is your monitoring system. The monitoring system is how your home security system communicates with our centralized Monitoring Station.

Floyd Total Security offers four tiers of communication, depending on your family’s needs. Our least expensive tier will provide video monitoring for less than $10 a month. Video monitoring is required for any system that includes cameras.

For those looking for additional monitoring communication, the next tier includes Ethernet-only monitoring. Any of the starter kits you choose for your DIY system includes an Ethernet cable capable of connecting directly to your router. This ensures your security system continues communicating even if your home’s Wi-Fi goes down.

Further, an Ethernet connection is one of the fastest ways for your system to communicate with our Monitoring Station. This high-quality communication means that our team can respond quickly and efficiently to better ensure your home’s safety.

That said, an internet connection, even a hard-wired one, is vulnerable to outages and sabotage. If you go with the Ethernet-only package and your internet goes out, your system will be unable to communicate with the Monitoring Station. This is why we recommend the next tier up, which includes both an Ethernet connection and cellular data backup. Should your internet go out, the system will switch to cellular communications, allowing continuous contact with the Monitoring Station.

Our final tier includes each of the lower-priced tiers. For a little under $40 a month, your system will include Ethernet, cellular (as backup), and video monitoring. This best ensures that your system is in continuous communication with the monitoring station.

Pick a Starter Kit

All starter kits include DIY home security essentials:

  • Connect+ Panel
  • Local monitoring
  • Smartphone app connectivity
  • Yard sign
  • Window and door decal stickers

While most of these are fairly self-explanatory, we should dive deeper into the first listed component. The Connect+ Panel serves as the centralized unit that unites all the security system components onto one platform. The installation process is fairly straightforward and intuitive. Its modern design also means it fits perfectly into any home setting.

Considering that these starter kits are very similar, what exactly is their difference? The key difference is the arming device, which serves as the stationary control station for your home security system.

The least expensive package includes a simple and intuitive PIN pad. This PIN pad allows you to arm and disarm your system through a device that looks similar to a calculator or ATM keyboard.

The next level swaps out the PIN pad for a Bluetooth keypad. While still intuitive to use, the keypad includes basic graphics that give you critical insights into your system’s status and operation. The keypad looks similar to a relatively modern thermostat.

The highest-priced tier goes with a modern touchscreen approach to controlling your system. With a design similar to a touchscreen tablet, you’ll be able to browse through recent alerts, set up more in-depth customizations, and get clear messaging regarding your system’s status.

Select Additional Devices

Once you’ve chosen your monitoring system and arming device, it’s time to pick accessories and additional devices. This allows you to select which sensors and cameras you’d like as part of your DIY security package, as well as whether you’d like additional arming devices.

Sensors vary in price, with the least expensive sensor coming in at $16 and the most expensive setting you back a little at over $70. However, your level of customization is fairly high, with several sensors available depending on your family’s needs:

  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Door and window sensors
  • Flood and temperature sensor
  • Glassbreak detector
  • Home disaster sensor (used to detect water, moisture, and extreme temperatures)
  • Indoor motion sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Temperature-only sensor

Cameras also have a wide price range. An indoor mini camera will cost $55, while a video doorbell camera is priced at $134. In addition to those two cameras, you can also choose an outdoor bullet camera for focused monitoring or an indoor 360 camera, which can keep a watchful eye over a larger space.

These additional devices can be purchased in any combination to ensure your family is protected against what you fear the most. Additionally, you can also purchase multiple of one device to ensure total monitoring. For example, we recommend one carbon monoxide or smoke detector per floor of your home.

Decide on DIY or Professional Installation

With your devices ready to be shipped out to you, it’s time for you to decide how you’d like your system installed. If you want to stick with the DIY route, you won’t be charged anything for installation, and we’ll still provide you with 24/7 support, as well as an installation guide to help you get started.

If you’d prefer a professional installation, a technician will install all devices and provide you and your family a tutorial of your new home security system. This professional installation is reasonably priced at just under $90.

Call Floyd Total Security

At Floyd Total Security, we have the experience, knowledge, and customer-focus to keep our clients’ homes secure. We’ve protected homes and businesses in Minnesota for over 70 years, and our versatility means we’re as effective at securing a commercial space as we are with a home or multi-unit residence. Schedule a free consultation with us today or give us a call at 952-881-5625. Whether you’d prefer to go the DIY route or want a professional consultation and installation, our team of technicians are ready and waiting to ensure your home remains your sanctuary.

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