Video Surveillance That Works For You

100% mobile and web browser viewing, and if you want – 100% cloud recording.  You can click and add a camera at any time.

Video Survelliance Options

Cloud VMS

Designed for the cyber-security conscious customer seeking maximum flexibility in their choices of cameras and locations.

Daily Status Check

Your cameras will undergo a daily status check to make sure all cameras are functioning properly. If there is a technical problem Floyd will take care of it remotely as part of your Cloud VMS plan.

Automatic Camera Detection

Connecting cameras is simple, regardless of your bridge model. The Eagle Eye bridges automatically detect your cameras and configure the network appropriately.

On-Premise Management

The Internet may go down, but the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS keeps working. The onsite Bridge is in constant communication with your cameras, monitoring their status and verifying they have not been tampered with.

Find out how Cloud Based Video can benefit your business

Great for one to multiple locations. Ditch your NVR today!

Unlimited Storage Options

Eagle Eye subscriptions have pre-set pricing for up to one year of video retention. However, additional storage is not a problem.


There are no open ports to the Internet, and video is fully encrypted during transmission and at rest.

Automatic Network Configuration

Once the Bridge is connected to the network, it connects to the Eagle Eye Cloud. There’s no need to configure firewalls or routers; the Bridge establishes a secure connection on its own.