DIY vs. Professionally Installed Security Systems

With the hectic pace of today’s society, homes and businesses need dependable security. That should be your goal when choosing a security system: to get the best. Whether you decide on professional installation or select a DIY security system, always invest in the best security solutions within your reach. When it comes to security businesses,…

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Prevent a Disaster in Your Home with These Environmental Sensors

smart home control system

Prevent a Disaster in Your Home with These Environmental Sensors Your home’s security system is designed to keep your home and your family safe from potential break-ins and nefarious actors. But keeping your home secure is more than just worrying about other people. To prevent a home disaster, you will need fully functioning environmental sensors…

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How to Secure Your Business with DIY Surveillance Cameras

check your home security system from your phone

How to Secure Your Business with DIY Surveillance Cameras When you own a business, safety is your responsibility. Your employees deserve to be in a space that offers not just a level of comfort, but a feeling of protection. After all, nothing can shatter a workplace more than feeling vulnerable. So, how can you make…

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How to Secure Your Home with DIY Surveillance Cameras

How to Secure Your Home with DIY Surveillance Cameras When you own a home, safety is your responsibility. Your family deserves to be in a space that offers not just a level of comfort, but a feeling of protection. After all, nothing can shatter a home more than feeling vulnerable. So, how can you make…

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7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Construction Site

7 way to protect your construction site

7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Construction Site Construction sites are an obvious mark for thieves. These sites are accessible, contain valuable equipment, and are abandoned at night. For all of these reasons and more, reports of heavy equipment thefts are on the rise. As thieves take equipment with a plan in place to re-sell…

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3 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Front Door’s Security

The front door is typically the first place that criminals look when trying to break in. To keep valuable equipment, electronic devices, and inventory secure, business owners should pay attention to front door security. Homeowners can also enjoy better security by taking important steps to strengthen the front door. This can keep families safe and…

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7 Effective Commercial Security System Options to Protect Your Business

Keeping your business healthy means protecting its assets from theft. We’re not just talking about cash stored in registers. Customer data, financial records, computers, and product inventory all have significant value. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation with multiple store locations, security should be a top priority. Here are seven essential…

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7 Shocking U.S. Crime Statistics

Floyd Burgler

Crime is one of the hottest news topics. On practically any local or national news report, there could be 10 or more reports of theft, homicide, or property damage. President Trump made fighting crime a key element of his campaign, mentioning crime in his inaugural address. But what are the facts? Are the U.S. crime…

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How to use the bypass feature on your lynx panel


Use the bypass feature to leave a window open on pleasant summer nights and still arm your security system Minnesota winters can be a little rugged but our summers are normally pretty pleasant. Those pleasant summer days allow for you to turn off the air conditioner and open up some windows.  That being said your security system will…

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How to Arm Your Lynx Security Panel Stay

Arm your security system, even if you are not home   Arming your LYNX panel to stay is useful when you are home or if you have pets that could possibly set off the motion detectors. Arming your panel “stay” activates glass breaks and protected doors and windows. If any of these sensors are triggered…

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Home Security Myths and Facts

Common myths and excuses for not having a home security system

Why You Need a Home Security System When a burglar or home innovator decides that your home is on the list of stops for the night you put a lot of important things at risk, including your loved ones, valuable belongings, and even your pets. The thing is, you never know when that night will come. It’s time to be prepared. Although…

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How to Set User Codes with Total Connect

How to Set User Codes Using Total Connect One advantage of having Total Connect as part of your home security system is that you can control and make changes to your security system while you are on the go, from anywhere as long as you have network access. As with any new technology, there can sometimes…

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Maxum Deadbolt- Medeco

Medeco M4

If you are looking to only keep your door shut than a regular deadbolt from a big box store like Home Depot or Menards will suffice. If you would like to keep people out of your home when they are not wanted, then you need to call Floyd Total Security. Our lock technicians will set you up with…

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Improve Your Home Security with These Tips


Change Your Locks It is important to change your locks when you move into a new home. You never know who had previous access to the home before you moved in. You should also rekey your locks if you lose your keys. Floyd recommends replacing your locks with Medeco high-security locks for maximum home security.…

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Are You Committing These Bad Security Habits?

Automated Security System

Just having the necessary security equipment doesn’t mean your home is protected. You actually have to use the equipment for it to do its job. An automated Security Systems are a great solution to these common bad security habits that can make your home more vulnerable. Forgetting to Arm Your Security System Whether you’re in…

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A Trusted, Minnesota, Security Company for over 70 years


Floyd Lock and Safe Company, owned by Floyd E. Bachman, began in downtown Minneapolis in 1945. Floyd sold the business in 1953 to Jean and Chuck Karch. Their son, Mike, still operates the business today. Back in the 50’s, the company was located in a small retail space on 8th and Hennepin. From there the…

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How to Use Chime On Your Lynx Panel

Use chime to get notifications when someone enters or exits your home. Honeywell panels offer a great feature called Chime. Chime can be toggled on and off depending on your lifestyle and the expectations of your security system. The chime feature notifies you when a protected door or window is opened while the panel is in disable mode.  In…

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A Connected Home is a Protected Home


Keep your home protected by using the newest smart home technology. These technologies will allow you to keep an eye on your home while you are away whether it’s for business or vacation. According to a report done by the University of North Carolina, 60 percent of burglars will skip your home if they notice…

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