Security Camera Systems for Small Business Owners to Invest In

security camera systemsFew fields have advanced with technology as quickly as the world of video surveillance &  small business security. The security camera systems can capture more detail from more perspectives than ever before. Monitoring your facility remotely with your smartphone or laptop has never been easier. Business owners have more options for communications and data storage than at any time in history. With so many choices, you may be feeling overwhelmed with determining which commercial security systems best suit your business.

Effective video surveillance begins with quality security camera systems, so that’s a good place to start. You probably don’t have to start from scratch, either. The latest technology is packaged in ways that should work within your current framework. Whether you’re looking for something to suit your IP video system or you need to work within your existing coax network, you may be surprised at the available capabilities.


Hikvision offers a line of cameras called Smart Pro IP solutions. Models in this group include the DarkFighter and LightFighter, which are made for environments where lighting is limited. You can mount these cameras almost anywhere, indoors or out. Various shapes, such as bullets, fisheyes, and domes, can be disguised and strategically placed so that intruders can’t easily spot and avoid them. High-resolution, compression, and panoramic viewing are just a few of the available features on Hikvision models. If your facility includes parking lots with insufficient illumination, that doesn’t have to hamper your security efforts when you take advantage of what’s available.


Avigilon may be a good choice for you if it’s important to read information from license plates. The cameras are so precise that they can capture quality images at up to 62 miles per hour. The exterior casing is resistant to weather and vandalism, making Avigilon cameras a good option for climates with extreme temperatures.

Another area where Avigilon excels is designing cameras for areas where visibility is not clear. Thermal cameras are ideal for this type of situation since they can sense areas of warmth and outline shapes, which might indicate an unauthorized person is present. For a firsthand look at how effective this technology is, check out this demonstration video.


With Panasonic, you can choose from a line of 360-degree cameras. These are especially useful if you need to count the people present at any given time or if you want to use heat-mapping to evaluate traffic patterns through your facility. You can even select a feature called Moving Object Removal, which allows you to monitor just the stable environment while ignoring people moving through the frame.

These cameras excel at presenting a distortion-free view of human faces and even objects in the periphery. Changes in lighting are no problem since the technology can react immediately to shifting light and darkness. Auto shutter speed captures objects moving quickly across the field of vision.

The Value of Great Security Camera Systems

When most business owners think of security cameras, theft prevention is the first thing that comes to mind. However, cameras can be valuable in other ways:

● Help determine what happened in case of fire or a water disaster.
● Be used for employee training to show new staff what to do and what not to do.
● Inform business decisions by providing valuable information on traffic patterns.
● Identify areas of risk before losses occur.

For all of these reasons, the decision on what to buy and how to set it up is not one to take lightly. You’ll be much more satisfied if you let a competent professional lead you through the process of setting up your video surveillance & business security systems. Floyd Total Security offers a free consultation to help you get started in the process.

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